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Forecasting football results correctly can make you a lot of money. It can be done using a method called fixed odds or in the United Kingdom by correctly selecting which games will end as draws. In the world of football forecasts the most money can be won betting on the football draw system.

The British system is called the football pools. On the coupon there are 49 matches and you need to correctly mark eight of these as a score draw. From the 49 matches you mark 10. Each score draw is worth three points and if you have eight score draws you have 24 points which will win you the jackpot . There are also no score draws but their value is only one point. Many of these matches can be forecast if you have a good system and we will look at how you can increase your chance of winning the jackpot.

  • How to find them:

The football pools forecasting in Britain is done with matches from England and Scotland on the coupon and runs throughout the football season. You should be able to look at the form of the teams playing against each other and calculate the chance of a score draw. Many teams are really strong when playing at home and others are very bad when playing away from home. With a good system you should be able to select matches that look certain home wins. When you have eliminated them you then look at matches that look like away wins. From the matches left after home and away have been eliminated you need to select eight matches that have a good chance of being score draws.

You can either bet on ten of the matches left or you can use what is called a plan to try and get your football forecasts correct. The plans allow you to bet on more matches but cost more money. Some of them will allow you to bet on 24 matches, increasing your chance of winning. The chances of winning the jackpot are very slim but with a football plan you can show a profit over the course of the football season.

  • What are the key aspects of a good football forecasts system?:

Analyzing the form of the teams is the most important aspect. You should also know when not to bet as it would be throwing money away. Another aspect is how far back in the season you want to go when checking form.

  • Using the statistics:

It is very unlikely that you will get a true picture of the form in the first few weeks of a season so this makes the football forecasts more difficult. You can use patterns that suggest teams are almost certain to win at home and which ones have good or bad away records. One thing to avoid is looking at the form from the previous season as it means nothing.

These are just some of the methods that can be used in the world of football forecasts to help you select eight score draws and possibly make you a millionaire. Good luck!

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