PostHeaderIcon The Benefits of Private Soccer Training

Training for any sport requires thousands of hours work. For a great many budding soccer players private soccer training is the answer to helping them become successful quicker. This article deals with the most often asked questions.

Will private soccer training benefit me?

Yes it can only be beneficial. Private soccer training is focused on the individual and this is something that is not possible if the training session is done in a team setting. The program is based around your weaknesses , strengths, and it will also spend more time on the parts of your game that needs developing.

Do I need to bring equipment?

You only need to bring your training clothes and a bottle of water. All the soccer equipment will be supplied by the school.

Can I make a group booking?

Yes absolutely. Groups to a maximum number of six are accepted. The one stipulation of group training is that everyone does the same training.

Can I bring my parents?

Yes, the school encourages the parents to come along and get involved. It is very important for the player to have them encouraging them.

Is group training better?

Small group training can be advantageous when the training is done under match conditions. The negative point is that this reduces the attention focused on an individual player. If you are training regularly with a soccer team then it is advisable to stick with the individual training.

How often should I train?

It is normally recommended to have private soccer training twice a week. It is possible to increase the number of sessions if you feel that you need them. It needs to be understood that improvement will not be immediate, you should calculate on six months to complete the training.

What can I expect from private soccer training?

Your soccer skills will be greatly improved and accelerated. The training sessions will be set out to improve any weaknesses you have shown and to take your strong points to a higher level.

Can anyone do private soccer training?

Yes, the school is open to everyone.
Top athletes and soccer players practice for years to become a top professional. It has been estimated that it takes 10,000 hours of practicing to reach the top of your chosen sport. If you are serious about being a top class sports person you should be prepared for the hard work.

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